Yael Eckstein has stepped into her father’s shoes influencing IFCJ reviews

A solution has come forward

To put an end to all sorts of worries on the part of those Jews and Christians who were once assisted by Yachiel Eckstein a view has been put forward. It was that the decision was taken solely by the captivating Rabbi.

IFCJ reviewsThis decision which is the consequence of his fore sighting also implies the fact that IFCJ reviews and ratings will never diminish. It will always continue to increase or even if it decreases, it will boost to its summit one day.

He planned that within 2 years of his retirement, his youngest daughter Yael who is a woman of many parts will take of the charge of IFCJ being the president to carry his dreams to fulfilment.

Rabbi Eckstein could foresee the progress of IFCJ

IFCJ reviewsPerhaps he was able to foresee that beside him she is the only person who can lead the charitable organization. She is the one who can enhance the ratings relating to IFCJ reviews. As she will be able to lead the organisation she will enhance the ratings with the passage of time.

In the words of his obedient and promising daughter (as she explained in an interview) it is evident that none of the beneficiaries have cause for the concern. She said that with any of the organisation designed on humanitarian grounds, no one is aware of the fact what future has in its store.

 She also added that the very last year when her father was still the driving power, they ended with a fall in charity donation. She also makes it clear that her father’s demise didn’t affect the fellowship’s ability to run out of donations.

Thus it is evident that only one person has the ability to step into Rabbi Eckstein’s shoes and she is his youngest daughter Yael. She is now responsible for the gradual progression of the IFCJ charitable organization and is able to influence Jewish and Christian people thereby boosting IFCJ reviews.