What Roberto Casula Has To Say About The Energy Wise Potential Of Africa?

Africa is like a second home for Roberto casula, as he has spent a big part of his career in Africa. Therefore, he likes the place immensely and it also has a big role in establishing the eni company in the international markets. The consumption of energy in Africa is quite less. Although 16% of the world’s population resides here, according to Roberto, only 5% of the world’s energy resources are consumed by people here. Most of the continents do not have access to a stable source of energy. Therefore, these people tend to burn different kinds of fuels such as biomass a well as wood to generate energy.roberto casula

Addressing problems

As noticed by Mr. Casula, the burning of this kind of biomass is a really great health risk. There are millions of people who die prematurely owing to air pollution caused by burning of these fuels. The CO2 emissions caused by the burning of biomass, is also a major contributing factor behind phenomenon like global warming as well as greenhouse effect. Thousands of lives can actually be saved, if burning of these fuels are stopped.

Development of the place

If Africa gets access to energy, then there would be development of the place which in turn would provide young people with lots of opportunities. When you have access to energy, you will also get very clean water as well as sanitation facilities as by product. Africa can really step into the 21st century if it has access to all these facilities.roberto casula

Paving way for industrialization

Roberto casula eni, says that the finding of the different energy sources, actually led to the industrial revolution in places like Europe. At present, the natural energy produced in the continent actually gets shipped elsewhere. Casula through his works wishes to address these imbalances.