What are the responsibilities of a social worker?

When you are working as a social worker it is important to bring in lot changes in the mindset of the people because unless and until the crowd accepts you as a leader you fail as a leader because transformation is what is needed when you are planning to work towards a community.

Yael EcksteinThis has been practiced really well at the IFCJ which is currently being run by Yael Eckstein. She has been quite responsible like her father in leading the organization towards the right direction.

This organization led by Yael Eckstein has been extremely popular in bringing back a lot of Jews from the other countries successfully. They have also made sure to comfort them and also made feel at home at IFCJ and since this was one of the greatest responsibilities of Rabbi the same has been followed throughout the organization including Yael Eckstein.

She has been quite active in popularizing the organization along with the cause instead of seeking false publicity exactly like her father. Well, this has to be one of the major qualities of a social worker because as an activist it is important to pay attention to the cause rather than seeking undue attention from the public.

When a social worker seeks attention from the public and the others who are around them it can become a selfish motive and this would create a lot of distraction for them from the cause.

Yael Eckstein But, IFCJ has been quite a well led organization with strong values and the same would be followed by Yael too. Well, when the work speaks for a person then the person would automatically start to gain popularity. Well, being modest and humble were the principles of Rabbi and we guess Yael also follows that strictly and proves herself to be a great social worker.