The University Of Oklahoma Ring Is the Miniature Representation of the Original Campus

The university of oklahoma ring represents all the traditional values the place imparts to its students during their stay in the institution. The University is more than a century old and stood firm in the face of time and in the process built a strong history for itself.

The university got first proposed in 1890, but it took around a year to complete the construction and open its gate for students. The place located in Norman is one of the most preferred places to study among the youth of the United States.

The alumni of the university can claim a stake for such popularity as the alumni of this place include notable leaders like the former president of the united states Sam Houston and many more.sam houston state university ring

The history of the campus:

The campus took a significant hit when almost the entire place was burned to ground in the early 1800s and needed serious reconstruction to make it habitable for students. The sam houston state university ring design blends the essence and tradition of the place entirely and put it on the finger of alumni of this esteemed institution. A former student who completed more than seventy hours of credit hours can order the ring online easily via the official website of the university.

 The design and material of the ring:

The rings are available in yellow gold, white gold or in two-tone gold with either black or gold finish. The use of gold in making the ring is symbolic; it represents the education quality the place imparts to its students. The uniqueness of wearing ou class ring tells whether a person is a former student or continuing his study in the place.sam houston state university ring

The name and graduation year also gets inscribed on the wings of the ring to add a personal touch to piece. The ceremony of giving out a ring generally happened at the end of homecoming week.