The IFCJ Fellowship Program Is Doing Quality Work fortheJewish Community

Every one of us is well aware of the suffering of the Jewish people in the hands of the Nazis and their subsequent effects on their social and personal life. In 2019, it is reported that millions of Jews are still suffering from the financial and social crisis.IFCJ

The poor living condition of estranged Jews:

In regions, such as the former Soviet Union, the number is quite high in comparison to the other areas. The people of this region suffer from the financial crisis that they need aid to help them with their medical bills or day to day to expense like food and shelter. The International Fellowship for Christian and Jewish started by Rabbi Epstein have built quite a reputation when it comes to rescuing Jewish people in need of help.

The IFCJ to have a more significant impact on the lives of estranged Jews in former soviet union tied up JDC to help the people with medical and food aid. The partnership between JDC and IFCJ established a new program called “IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline” reportedly have funds of more than 50 million US dollars to help the people of the region.IFCJ

The origin of IFCJ:

The famed Rabbi Epstein wanted to set up an organization which would help the Jews and Christian in coming together on certain similar biblical ideologies. There was a long-standing mistrust between the two communities, and the fellowship did some exemplary work to bridge the gap between the communities. The International Fellowship for Christian and Jews has done wonders over the year by providing food, shelter, medical and financial aid to the Jewish people who massively depend on it.

The works done by IFCJ:

The rehabilitation program started by the fellowship program brought home several Jews from the former Soviet Union over the years to their homeland. The program is one of the few fellowship programs which run smoothly and free from any scam.