The ‘Guardians of Israel’ is a Fantastic Program

Over the years, IFCJ has taken up many causes and helped a lot of Jewish population in living a decent life. It also has many programs that are directed towards specific aims. One of them is the ‘Guardians of Israel’. This program is designed for those poor and needy Israelis who need attention and care. It is devised in a way so that the poverty-stricken population of the country can be helped out with its efforts as there were 1.6 million people in the country who were below the poverty line in 2006.


Additionally, more often than not, the country is threatened by some neighbors and these unstable periods also provide a blow to its humanitarian efforts. We take a look at the program to understand the basics of how it operates.

  • The war took a toll on a lot of lives – The country has been in a war-like situation with its neighbors that has been quite devastating for its citizens. The government also had to respond in a likewise manner and funds that were meant for the welfare of people had to be diverted towards wartime efforts. Thus, the void was filled to a large extent by the IFCJ as the organization helped in providing food, clothing, medical care and housing to a majority of the population. War relief funds and restructuring efforts are also carried out by it so that people can live a peaceful and dignified life.
  • The partners have been helpful for IFCJ – IFCJ has committed that it will help all those people who live in the north of the country near Gaza. The plan was to renovate the 2,500 bomb shelters in the area so that people could take refuge in them during times of need. Towards meeting this end, the Rabbi said that it is quite thankful to all its partners who have made it possible for him to undertake this massive renovation exercise.

‘The Guardians of Israel’ has been a wonderful program that has touched many lives in the country.