Texas A&M and the aggie class ring

Texas A&M University, located at college station Texas and currently home to over 50000 students, was first established in 1871 by the Morill act of 1862. Since its inception, the university had grown in size and scope, catering today to multinational students and offering various courses and research studies to pursue in its 5200 acre campus. Today, the university ranks as one of the best across mainland US standing out for its various undergraduate and graduate programs. One of the quaint traditions of Texas A & M University happens to be its unique Aggie ring wraps.

aggie ring wraps

Aggie rings and a brief look at its history:

It should be pointed out that the aggie ring wraps were first introduced to the student body around 1889, when it mainly contained the crest of the University with the crest of the university along with the letters AMC. While the first classes were held since 1876 on the campus, the University board agreed to the introduction of the class ring, only by 1889. Since then, the class ring has evolved on to take on new traditions and new hues to the point that this class ring is offered to students only when they compete certain academic requirements successfully.aggie ring wraps

Aggie ring and its tradition:

The Aggie ring wraps have evolved both in design and scope, so much so that the board decided to standardize the design and make of the ring. A committee was formed with the sole objective of standardizing the class ring whose design has not changed a bit since 1933. One of the interesting traditions linking this class ring with the student body is that students wear the class ring, with the class year facing them but during graduation, they wear the ring with the class year facing the world, to show that they are indeed prepared for the world at large.