Positive IFCJ ratings

Positive review

            The IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) is also known as the Fellowship is the organization which was founded in 1983. It was founded by Yechiel Epstein who started the main goal of organization to bring the understanding and maintaining cooperation between the Christians and the Jews and also to develop the support system for the Jews outside Israel. The IFCJ reviews are always positive and that is mainly because of the founder Epstein. IFCJIt is said that he was an orthodox rabbi who started bringing partnerships with evangelical Christians.

Goals of organization

            He established the organisation with the goal of promoting the safety and security of Jews in Israel and around world. The IFCJ ratings are high because of the immigrants services offered. In 1992, the groups of Russian Jews was airlifted in an program and after that hundred and thousand of Jews have been brought to Israel from Ethiopia, Soviet union, argentine and many other distressed countries. They collect a good amount of donations every year and that is mainly used for helping the needy people of Israel and the elderly people. IFCJThey also serve the poor families of the Israeli military.

            The IFCJ rating says that it collects more than $100 million in a year in donation for the help of Israel. Half of the amount collected is spent in Israel only by offering support for soup kitchens, bomb shelter renovations and absorption centres. $25 million every year is spent on the Jewish aid programs. Is IFCJ a good charity? Well, it is a good charity. The organization is only for serving people and it is not a scam. Your donations are valued and used for the help and support of needy and elderly. The proper management of money is done.