OU Ring: The Precious Gift Student Receives in Life

The official ring ceremony which is different from engagement ring ceremony. The official ring ceremony is what every student of Oklahoma University (OU) waits in his or her university life. The students and alumni are specially invited for an event where they collect their OU ring an honor they deserve. This honor is given at the annual ceremony during Homecoming Reunion Weekend. It is a formal event at which a family and friends of the student and alumni are invited. The event is jointly organized by the alumni and university administration.

What OU ring reminds

The official ring students collect at official ceremony symbolizes the sharing of knowledge and the discovery of new ideas. It creates opportunities that have no end because meeting of outgoing students with past students (alumni) is a reunion that benefits them in many ways. The ring reminds of the dreams that have come true and reflects avenues that are opened for future success. The OU ring is a navigation that takes student in the right direction and makes him think that his or her achievements are big enough to move forward on a new path of life and to face challenges on this path.

The value of OU ring

The ring is made with specific symbols that carry value of this ring. The value of this ring is more precious than any other precious metal because what a student has achieved to become qualified to wear this ring will take him for a skyride in the life. Consider the value of this ring and the university’s efforts to create this ring. It uses a gold which is precious and depicts its value and it is embossed with symbols that carry meanings for student’s past, present and future life. The OU ring is a precious gift that a student receives in his or her lifetime, and no gift can be more precious than this gift.