Is IFCJ A Good Charity? Let’s Find the Answer

People aware of the happenings related to the Jewish world would surely have heard about the famous institute the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. It is well-known for being one of the largest nonprofit philanthropic organizations working in Israel. If you are interested in knowing more about them, the following pieces of information are given here exclusively for you:

Foundation and mission

The IFCJ was established in the year of 1983 in Chicago by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. From the very beginning of its journey, the institute aimed to strengthen the relationship between the Christian and the Jewish communities. In addition to that, it had tried its best to raise funds for helping the needy population of the politically troubled countries like Israel. Because of these missions, IFCJ ratings have always been good both nationally and globally.

History and projects

The founder and president of the organization, Rabbi Eckstein started thinking about bringing the two communities closer to each other since his early youth. His dream got its shape with the foundation of the Fellowship in 1983. Despite being situated in Chicago, it has several other centers in different parts of the world, including Israel. According to the latest IFCJ reviews, more than 20% of Israeli citizens have received the organization’s help in the following ways:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Medical care
  • Emergency funds and more.


Among the projects for which the IFCJ rating was good, some important ones are:

  • Guardians of Israel
  • On Wings of Eagles
  • Isaiah 58
  • Stand for Israel 

If you still have the question ‘is IFCJ a good charity in your mind, have a look at their annual fund-raising capacity. It is now more than $140


million per year and they have become successful in spreading over 200 Israeli cities and more than 25 countries of the world.