IFCJ as an Organization – For the Betterment of the World

IFCJ was founded in the year 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. He established this organization with the aim of building strong bridges based on understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews. It also centers on offering all forms of support to the state of Israel.IFCJ

Established in the year 1983, consistent IFCJ ratings have shown the wonderful contributions it has made to the world of Christians, Jews and Holocaust survivors among many others. Today we focus on some of its programs which have brought lights into the lives of many.

  • Guardians of Israel

Poverty is one of the biggest menaces in the war torn country of Israel. Ever since it has found itself in the midst of wars, Israel has been reduced from it former state of glory. Thanks to the program of Guardians of Israel, IFCJ reviews reports that there has been a significant improvement in the country. The program provides the citizens with basic necessities such as shelter, medical treatments, food and other urgent needs.

  • Isaiah 58

Focused on the country of the Soviet Union, the program of Isaiah 58 provides help to the elderly Soviet Jews there. It has also extended a helping hand to the children, both orphaned and abandoned on the streets of the country. They provide them shelter, food and other basic needs as well as help them in their rehabilitation. This is perhaps the best program when it comes to questions like “is IFCJ a good charity”.ifcj

  • Stand for Israel

The bond between IFCJ rating and Israel runs deep. And this bond translates into a number of activities which center around this country. Hence, on this very note the program Stand for Israel was birthed. It strives to connect people’s good intention and thoughts into tangible actions which can ultimately benefit Israel.