How Would the SHSU graduate See the Traditional Class Ring

Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is the third oldest educational institution in the State of Texas in the United States. The university campus was home to Austin College, attended by Sam Houston, an important leader of the Texas Revolution (Houston). SHSU class ringThis public University of the Texas State was historically named after this great personality who also served as the 1st and 3rd president of the Republic of Texas.

The ring tradition of SHSU

The SHSU class ring created in 2003, after 24 years of founding of the Sam Houston State University, got the official status from the university, and the SHSU organized its first official ring ceremony to celebrate the new tradition in 2004. The event to celebrate ring ceremony that is organized amid the Fall Semester annually is a gathering of a graduating student, his or her family, recognized alumni, and college delegates to honor the students’ achievements. SHSU class ringThe ring spends the night at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Sam Houston’s home as a mark of respect to understudies who have taken part in the ring Tradition.

What the SHSU class ring symbolizes

The carefully designed SHSU class ring symbolizes important aspect of education at the SHSU. The year 1879 and student’s year of graduation are engraved on one side of the ring, and Austin Hall, one of the oldest buildings used by an educational institution, makes the glory of other side of the ring. The letters “SH” and a star, representing the State of Texas, is included in the heart of ring. The word “Honor” is cast around the band on the inside of the ring. This band imitates the ring, Sam Houston’s mother gave him on his joining U.S. Army. The students wear the ring so that the school name face them upon graduation. The graduates can face the ring the other way, in order to reflect that they are now prepared to take on the world.