Heart problems and surgical help

The heart is one of the vital organs. Though the heart is just the size of the fist, it performs the function of pumping the blood to the body through the circulatory organs. This process ensures that the tissues receive the nutrients that they requirements and the wastes, as well as carbon-di-oxide which are unnecessary, are removed from the system. But, when there is a problem in the pumping of the heart or in any of the four functions the heart is supposed to perform, it is important to treat it at the earliest to avoid heart failure which is actually fatal. Medical practitioner and researcher roberto casula is known for is commendable work in saving the lives of patients with heart problems or those who have had a heart attack through the non- invasive surgical procedures are other appropriate treatments to solve the heart issues.

What is he an expert in?

 You can consult him for treatment of a wide range of problems that he has been able to treat successfully owing to his expertise in the field includeRoberto Casula

  • Valve repairs
  • Valve replacement
  • Traditional coronary artery bypass grafting
  • Off-pump coronary bypass grafting atrial fibrillation surgery
  • Redo operations
  • Complex operations
  • Minimal invasive surgery of the mitral, aortic and tricuspid valve.

  Why should you reach out to him?

When you are fixing up an appointment with robert casula, you can be assured that you would be getting the high-quality and appropriate treatment for the problem you are suffering from. The number of years he has been in the field and the different types of cases he has a deal with is a clear indicator of the successful practice and expertise in the field. His research studies and publications are markers of his interest in the field of cardiothoracic surgery and his up to date knowledge in the field.

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