Global Reach of IFCJ Is Phenomenal To Say the Least

The international Fellowship of Christians and Jews is one of the most notable philanthropic organization which kickstarted in 1983 under the leadership of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. The sole purpose of the organization is to ifcjpromote a better understanding amongst the Jews and Christians and strengthen the relationship in between people of two diverse cultures. Through various propagandas, IFCJ raises fund to aid the poor and holocaust survivors and support the State of Israel in the time of their adversities.

Is IFCJ a good charity?

This organization promotes peace and provides humanitarian aids to poor and needy in Israel as well as all the Jewish communities all across the globe. They promote prayers as well as security on behalf of the Jewish states and works tirelessly towards fostering the relationship between Christians and Jewish communities.

After Yachiel’s untimely death, this organization is now being led by one of his daughter Yael Eckstein. According to IFCJ reviews, this organization raises over $140 million every year mainly from the Christians. Their support base has crossed two million figure marks. The offices of IFCJ are situated in Chicago, Jerusalem, Seoul, Sao Paulo and Toronto.

How IFCJ reach people globally

Besides providing help to millions of people in more than 25 countries, IFCJ has developed a very robust network of IFCJcommunication which includes educating people through the modes of radio programs, television broadcasts and web contents. These programs are being aired regularly and have spread to over 100 countries with high IFCJ ratings.

Yachael’s fellowship has been organizing advocacy sessions solely on behalf of Israel since 2002. Their programme involves organizing national conferences and influencing hundred of government officials and various decision makers all across the world. Their efforts have turned out to be fruitful with good IFCJ rating as many likeminded organizations and various churches have come together having recognized their efforts as a help hand.