Australia Visa or ETA: Which Is More Appropriate for Australian Short-term Trip?

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) document is an easy way to make entry into the Australian land under Visa Waiver program (VWP) because it doesn’t require the issuer to get visa Australia, but ETA is a conditional document that doesn’t have wider options like visa. First, you must not hold Australian visa at the time of issue of ETA. visa AustraliaFurther, this document is not extendable or renewable. You cannot stay for a period exceeding 90 days at a stretch on ETA document, and can’t engage in employment at all or in studies or training for more than 90 days. Moreover, the passport holder of every country of the globe is not eligible for ETA, and citizens of very few countries qualify for this travel document.

ETA is preferred, but not always an appropriate document

From above discussion, you can very well understand that ETA is a travel document, but quite different from visa Australia in eligibility to travel and conditions. Though ETA is a document most preferred by Australian travelers, yet this document is not appropriate for all tourist and business travelers. As discussed above, visa AustraliaETA is a conditional travel document and thus, not good for those people who intend to make frequent and long-term trips to Australia for tourism/ business. This is a major factor that is important for a traveler to decide whether to apply for Australian visa or Australia ETA.

Australian visa or ETA: Which is appropriate?

Australia ETA is a document that is convenient to apply online and it’s issued online as well, but it doesn’t authenticate its appropriateness for every tourist/ business visitor to Australia. This is necessary to decide before making application because application for both ETA and visa are irrevocable, and fee once paid is not refundable in any case. You can enjoy travel to Australian land on ETA document, but this document may sometimes be not appropriate for you. It is always better to go through ETA and visa issuing rules meticulously before making an application.