Titanium Use Is Unmatched for Making Pipes

Titanium is a progressive metal that found its use in increasing number of applications since its discovery in 1795. Represented by its chemical symbol “Ti”, atomic number 22, atomic mass 47.88, and position as Group 4 element in the Periodic Table, titanium is known for its great traits or properties. Titanium pipeTitanium and its compounds have become very popular in modern society. Titanium and its alloys are widely used in many industries for large number of applications. Aircraft, spacecraft, building construction, armored vehicles, and jewelry industry are the most users of this metallic element’s alloys. These alloys exhibit excellent performance in any industry they are put to use.

Interesting properties of titanium

Pure titanium metal can exist as a dark gray, shiny metal or as a dark gray powder. Chemically, titanium is quite unreactive and doesn’t combine with oxygen at room temperature. Thus, it doesn’t get oxidized. Interestingly, small amount of nitrogen or oxygen makes it stronger. It is brittle at room temperature, but higher temperatures make it malleable and ductile. It has very high melting and boiling points as well. Titanium pipe making is the major use of this metal which is due combination of its several unique properties.

Titanium pipeTitanium is unmatched

Though extraction method of titanium is challenging, yet its applicability offers feasibility to face various challenges of the industry. Titanium pipe use is one example that eradicates multiple worries of the industries arising in course of use of pipes of steel or other metals. The strength and durability of titanium pipe is unmatched because it can withstand rudeness of the environment and any other harsh situation without causing harm to the equipment. In this way, the industry also saves big on recurrent costs on equipment maintenance, despite paying high price for titanium. As an anti-corrosive metal, titanium can feasibly be used for making pipes that are used for flow of corrosive liquids and chemicals over and under the ground.


Texas A&M and the aggie class ring

Texas A&M University, located at college station Texas and currently home to over 50000 students, was first established in 1871 by the Morill act of 1862. Since its inception, the university had grown in size and scope, catering today to multinational students and offering various courses and research studies to pursue in its 5200 acre campus. Today, the university ranks as one of the best across mainland US standing out for its various undergraduate and graduate programs. One of the quaint traditions of Texas A & M University happens to be its unique Aggie ring wraps.

aggie ring wraps

Aggie rings and a brief look at its history:

It should be pointed out that the aggie ring wraps were first introduced to the student body around 1889, when it mainly contained the crest of the University with the crest of the university along with the letters AMC. While the first classes were held since 1876 on the campus, the University board agreed to the introduction of the class ring, only by 1889. Since then, the class ring has evolved on to take on new traditions and new hues to the point that this class ring is offered to students only when they compete certain academic requirements successfully.aggie ring wraps

Aggie ring and its tradition:

The Aggie ring wraps have evolved both in design and scope, so much so that the board decided to standardize the design and make of the ring. A committee was formed with the sole objective of standardizing the class ring whose design has not changed a bit since 1933. One of the interesting traditions linking this class ring with the student body is that students wear the class ring, with the class year facing them but during graduation, they wear the ring with the class year facing the world, to show that they are indeed prepared for the world at large.


The IFCJ Fellowship Program Is Doing Quality Work fortheJewish Community

Every one of us is well aware of the suffering of the Jewish people in the hands of the Nazis and their subsequent effects on their social and personal life. In 2019, it is reported that millions of Jews are still suffering from the financial and social crisis.IFCJ

The poor living condition of estranged Jews:

In regions, such as the former Soviet Union, the number is quite high in comparison to the other areas. The people of this region suffer from the financial crisis that they need aid to help them with their medical bills or day to day to expense like food and shelter. The International Fellowship for Christian and Jewish started by Rabbi Epstein have built quite a reputation when it comes to rescuing Jewish people in need of help.

The IFCJ to have a more significant impact on the lives of estranged Jews in former soviet union tied up JDC to help the people with medical and food aid. The partnership between JDC and IFCJ established a new program called “IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline” reportedly have funds of more than 50 million US dollars to help the people of the region.IFCJ

The origin of IFCJ:

The famed Rabbi Epstein wanted to set up an organization which would help the Jews and Christian in coming together on certain similar biblical ideologies. There was a long-standing mistrust between the two communities, and the fellowship did some exemplary work to bridge the gap between the communities. The International Fellowship for Christian and Jews has done wonders over the year by providing food, shelter, medical and financial aid to the Jewish people who massively depend on it.

The works done by IFCJ:

The rehabilitation program started by the fellowship program brought home several Jews from the former Soviet Union over the years to their homeland. The program is one of the few fellowship programs which run smoothly and free from any scam.


Know the Most Appropriate Steps of John Lippmann in the Book Industry

 John Lippmann owned the most popular book club in 2012. However, owing this was very risky for him, because it had lost its popularity and many members go away in some other book’s club. He changed everything and used his work ability and ideas to make it successful.

Who was John Lippmann?

John worked as an executive in a firm Evergreen Copyright which had music-rights. He became the owner of a well known book club only at the age of 43. He had worked before for Lehmann brother’s company. He was selected for this book club, “Book of the Month Club” to enhance its position.

What are the most appropriate actions taken by Lippmann?

  • Lipmann became successful because he decided what he required to do and what not. He has great knowledge in books. A number of books were old, but interesting and, thus he generated them through online and attracted customers.
  • A few books were outdated, and they could not be replaced. So, John did not make list of those books.
  • He also talks to the writers and popular editors to have regular supply of books for the customers and to increase the supply.
  • He gathered all possible information and then started working on it.
  • He made proper calculation and keep minimum charge for people for purchasing it.
  • He spent a lot of time in making strategies to apply.
  • He shut down in 2012 and adjusted the members in some other clubs.

After reopening this club, he did all work. In 2015 an unbelievable outcome was in front of all at the end of 2016. He earned more than two million just in a year through subscribers. He has a target of more than ten million in the current year.

So, people say that John Lippman has taken the most suitable steps for his book club to return back its popularity.


What Are The Places You Desire To Visit, Just Let Us Know!

During the summer vacations and the winter ones and even some other vacations, the rush to a quaint place is huge and sometimes become difficult for a single person to handle everything. You might not get the best hotel or the best deal for yourself because you might not be that lucky. It might happen that the places you want are either so widespread that you have no idea as to where to go or you are confused between the two.

A website for all your needs!

Reservations.comIf this is exactly your case, all you can do is rely on websites which will help you plan all the things. Starting from where you want to go or what you want to have to exotic destinations. Everything will be decided by the team working for you. Yes, it is for true. All you need to do is let them know the dates of journey and your preferred location. They will help you in all the ways. They will help you find all the places that are in your budget. And in respect of efficiency, they are the best because they know the exact right timings to get your tickets done. There are no faster ways that they have not adopted by them.

If you are planning for a visit to some place this summer or anytime soon, there are many websites that can help you but the best is the reservations.com which bring to you offers with discounts and cheap rates all your way. They provide with the same service probably at less cost. All you need to do is place your demands and then see what they can do for you. Do not wait for long because even they can run out of discounts and offers. If you to get lucky, go contact them now.


Contribution of Yael Eckstein towards the Jew community

Yael Eckstein is the daughter of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and a mother of four children. She is a popular name in the Jewish-Christian society for her social service and efforts to improve and maintain a cordial relationship between Jews and Christian.Yael Eckstein

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein established the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews in the year 2016 and became its president in Jerusalem. He was successful in raising a huge amount of sum from people who were willing to assist the Israelis in need of help.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who had done so much for the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews establishment breathed his last at the age of 67 in Jerusalem at his home. His organization declared his death.

 He was a bridge builder and a social activist who cleared the motives of the Christians among Jews who were ready to contribute to the Israelis in need.

Even the Israelis Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu paid tribute to Yael’s father after his death and explained how tirelessly he worked towards the benefit of Israelis people in the State of Israel and also strengthened the bond between them and the Christians.Yael Eckstein

Mass immigration of Jews to Israel started in the year 1990 from the Soviet Union which existed then. Eckstein started raising money with the help of infomercials on television and other ways.

Henceforth the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews focused on helping immigrants to immigrate to the State of Israel. The organization also supported those who were elderly and poor among them, the Ethiopian-Israelis, Holocaust survivors, and Druse.

His successor Yael always walked on the same path as laid by his father Rabbi Eckstein. They settled down in Jerusalem and started their non-profit organization which is now one of the largest and highest earning organizations that collect millions per years from Christians.


Yael Eckstein- Writer, Blogger and New President of the Fellowship Charity

One of the world’s largest charity is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, have helped numerous people globally. It’s former president and founder was Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who passed away in February of this year. The mantle was then passed on to his daughter Yael Eckstein with her father’s blessing and a nod from the board of members.Yael Eckstein

A few details about Yael

Yael was born in Illinois’ Evanston. She studied first at Torat Chesed Seminary in Israel before moving on to Queen’s College which is in New York and then to Hebrew University that is situated in Jerusalem. She has multiple degrees that involve biblical studies along with sociology and Jewish studies.

She currently resides in Jerusalem along with her four children and husband. In Jerusalem, Yael is a published writer, expert on Christian-Jewish relations, and also a respected professional social service worker.

Her works

She has authored two books which are “Holy Land Reflections” in 2012 and then later in 2014 “Spiritual Cooking with Yael”. Moreover, she regularly posts different blogs as well as writes op-eds for The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. Yael Eckstein also has spoken at various international events that include briefing as well as panel discussions on Religious Persecution in Washington, DC.Yael Eckstein

Awards and Achievements

Throughout her life, she has excelled which led to winning numerous awards and accolades that got her the popularity. However, her most precious achievement was getting herself in the list of “One of Israel’s 100 Most Influential Women” in the year 2014. Moreover, in 2015 she was on cover of “Nashim” which is a women’s magazine.

Currently, she is the president of the Fellowship and is handling all the duties which were left to her by her father. With ideas and new ways of move forward, she is expecting to make this charity organization even larger than before.



It Is Time to Live Your Travel Bucket List

The quench of travelling can never be quenched but yes at least it can be attended whenever possible and so to make it a memorable one we need a prior planning and proper execution. It is a blessing for some and for some it is a reason to live. For some it brings peace and for some it ignites their heart. It has been an enjoyable sport since time immemorial. Reservations.comBut if proper planning is not undertaken the entire excitement may end up in vain. So it is really essential to plan things before booking your tickets for your dream destination.

Let us explore the world of online travel planning sites:

For a sorted travel plan there are many means that one may go for. The offline means are bit tedious when it comes to execution and planning. And the offline means tend to utilize more time, efforts and definitely more money. But when it comes to offline means it is exceptionally easy and money saving as most of the part is done within few clicks on popular sites. Reservations.comOne of the many travel planning site is the reservation.com which highly a customer friendly site because of its amazing services.

Major highlights:

The site deals with the customers and their travel wishes in a really amazing way that the entire process is traveler friendly site that is the destination planning is done as the traveler wishes to have. The site is very reliable in all respects starting from the planning; execution of the plan, the booking of tickets, hostel accommodation, foods and refreshments and the total entertainment package is well sorted. In short the entire package of days and nights are well sorted. Apart from this site works along with collaboration with many popular cum powerful leading agencies that have backed up the majority of sponsorship


Who Is Roberto Casula And How Is He Related To Eni?

Roberto Casula is a successful mining engineer who was born and brought up in Cagliari, Italy. He completed his studies from the University of Cagliari in the year 1988. He got a job in the famous company of Italy, Eni, immediately after completing his graduation.

Roberto CasulaAbout Roberto Casula

After completing his graduation in mining engineering from the University of Cagliari, Roberto Casula landed a job as a Reservoir Engineer in Eni. Initially, he was the in-charge of logs and production testing. Then he got the duty of supervising the reservoir modeling process. He did that at both the Headquarter of Eni and at the Sophia Antipolis center in Antibes, France.

From the year 1992 to 1993, Roberto Casula worked as a Petroleum Engineer. In 1994, he got promoted to the post of Chief Development and Production Engineer for the Luanda office of Eni Angola.

He then worked as the Development and Production Coordinator at Eni S.p.A. in the Milan office. In 2004, he got nominated for the position of the Managing Director of Gela of Eni Mediterranea Idrocarburi.  Then in 2005, he was appointed as the Managing Director of Tripoli of Eni North-Africa BV. Then he got the post of Senior Vice President for the Sub-Saharan Region in Abuja, Nigeria.

In 2011, Casula became the Executive Vice President for the African and Middle Eastern areas. There he made important deals with the high-level authorities of many countries like Kenya, South Africa, Libya, Congo, and Mozambique.

About EniRoberto Casula

Eni is a multinational company of oil and gas. The headquarter of Eni is in Rome. It has its business operations in 79 countries. It is presently the 11th largest industrial company in the world.

Roberto Casula is currently working in the position of Chief Development, Operations & Technology Officer at Eni. He has a lot of contributions to the success of the organization.


Roles that are handled by Roberto Casula in Eni SPA

Roberto Casula was the Chief Technology Officer and Development Operations with Eni Spa possess a wealth of experience in the energy sector. He holds over 20 years of experience under his belts working with the company that was established in 1953 by Enrico Mattei. He also looks into the innovation and corporate venture of the company. Roberto CasulaHe was born in the year 1962 in Cagliari. He holds a degree in mining engineering and after completion of this graduation; he joined as a Reservoir Engineer for Eni in 1988. He worked with many Italian oil companies before climbing up to the Chief Development Engineer role.

Roberto Casula moved back to Milan in 1997 as a coordinator of the Business development for both the Middle East and Africa. After successfully doing the duties in the capacity of Project Technical Services Manager, he was promoted to Middle East Project Director to handle a big gas project in 2001. Robert Casula held many managerial positions from 2004 to 2005 in the same company, including the role of the Chief Executive Officer of EniMed Spa. After this, he was promoted as the Managing Director of Eni that is located in Libya.

In 2007, Roberto Casula rose to the Senior Vice President role handling all the operations and business in the sub-Roberto CasulaSaharan Africa and in the same year in December, he was promoted as the Executive Vice President for Eni E & P Division. In this capacity, he took up the responsibilities of the businesses located in the Middle East and Africa while carrying out various activities to develop Coral and Mamba discoveries. Until September 2018, he held the role of Chief Development Operations and Technical Officer. He also donned the role as Chairman of the board of Versalis Spa. This is only for a brief period and he also held the role of Chairman for Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry for a short period of time.


Blake Orlandi With His Versatile Expertise Fields

It takes a lot of time to reach the summit of any organization. And to be a chief operating officer of a public dealing platform, you need a foresighted ability and patience in working.

Blake Orlandi is the chief operating officer of the concern Book of the month. The organization caters to its members with hard covered books on a monthly basis.

He is fit for the job

He leads a team of over 45 people. To guide and direct a huge number of people you have to be perfect in many branches and be vigilant over their working status. His working skills and the capability to train a good number of people is a quality which he is worth mentioning.

The working process includes a wide range of product marketing to business operations. The skill that involves ruling over a huge business program is versatility. Blake Orlandi has the virtue to instruct all the operative works within the company.


Other positions held by him

He had also been a manager of Bookspan and a chief operating officer there. His expertise in a different field and the education background from a reputed university made him fir for any he has entitled to.

He was a student of the Business school at Harvard University and has this has influenced his character. The reputation of the institution and his skill in strategy procurement made him a fit COO of the company he is at present.

His works in financial modeling and management have also played a great role in the job he does. The company of this sort needs an efficient man and with important skills. Blake Orlandi has all the skills that make him go against all the odds and get the befitting chair. Also, the organization has given him the right workplace where can do his duty.

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The ‘Guardians of Israel’ is a Fantastic Program

Over the years, IFCJ has taken up many causes and helped a lot of Jewish population in living a decent life. It also has many programs that are directed towards specific aims. One of them is the ‘Guardians of Israel’. This program is designed for those poor and needy Israelis who need attention and care. It is devised in a way so that the poverty-stricken population of the country can be helped out with its efforts as there were 1.6 million people in the country who were below the poverty line in 2006.


Additionally, more often than not, the country is threatened by some neighbors and these unstable periods also provide a blow to its humanitarian efforts. We take a look at the program to understand the basics of how it operates.

  • The war took a toll on a lot of lives – The country has been in a war-like situation with its neighbors that has been quite devastating for its citizens. The government also had to respond in a likewise manner and funds that were meant for the welfare of people had to be diverted towards wartime efforts. Thus, the void was filled to a large extent by the IFCJ as the organization helped in providing food, clothing, medical care and housing to a majority of the population. War relief funds and restructuring efforts are also carried out by it so that people can live a peaceful and dignified life.
  • The partners have been helpful for IFCJ – IFCJ has committed that it will help all those people who live in the north of the country near Gaza. The plan was to renovate the 2,500 bomb shelters in the area so that people could take refuge in them during times of need. Towards meeting this end, the Rabbi said that it is quite thankful to all its partners who have made it possible for him to undertake this massive renovation exercise.

‘The Guardians of Israel’ has been a wonderful program that has touched many lives in the country.




Valuable Things About Powersports Parts Order Place with Partzilla

There is none but one company Partzilla that knows well about its customers’ needs and understands that best powersports parts are essential for success of powersports repairs and maintenance. A leading and powerful retailer and dealer of OEM parts for Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Can-Am, Suzuki, Arctic Cat, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo and Yamaha Partzilla shippingmotorcycles, ATVs, PWCs and snowmobiles, Partzilla has a large network of satisfied customers. When you buy your powersports parts and accessories on Partzilla’s website, you have no worries of genuineness and shipping because repute of this company is undeniably trusted by its present and past customers.

Two important things about Partzilla

No one is unaware of excellent Partzilla shipping because there is no secret that company keeps to cheat its customers. Everything about the company is crystal clear. The first important thing is that place your order for genuine OEM and aftermarket powersports parts and accessories, and you get what you ordered and for what you paid the price. The second important thing is shipping. Partzilla shipping is claimed to be the fastest within US, and even outside the US in more than 120 countries. The company fulfils its promise both in quality and shipping. So, you are not worried about your order which is delivered to your doorstep in hassle-free manner. You don’t need to keep waiting and peep into your mailbox for the shipped parts.

Why Partzilla is valuable for your order

From above discussion, you can very well understand, why Partzilla is valuable, and why you should make preferencePartzilla shipping of Partzilla shipping. Whenever you need retail or bulk of powersports parts and accessories of leading brands, you may trust on Partzilla for supply of genuine OEM and aftermarket parts. You just need to choose your part, its brand, and click your order which will be delivered with 1-2 days when you are located in US, and also quickly when you are in specified country outside US.


Making Enjoyable Travel Plans

Undoubtedly, travel happens to be an essential component of life. It develops the sensibilities of people along with making them globally aware. Travel is also a wonderful means of familiarizing a person to the marvels of the world. The intricacies and the spectacular features of a place can only be discovered by travelling.

Interestingly, there happen to be innumerable travel market places and organizations which make travelling enjoyable.

Ways to make online reservations

Reservations.comVarious online travel businesses have made travel a cakewalk. They cater to the travel needs of various people. Evidently, these online travel market places place great importance to the interests and varied preferences of people. Customer centric services are centred on providing maximum benefit to the people. The process of booking tickets and selecting tour packages has become quite easy. Moreover, these travel agencies have digitalized the travel industry and led to tremendous modernization. An array of hotel options provides the best travel opportunities to the travellers.

 Noteworthy travel marketplace

 Reservations.com happens to be one of the best travel agencies. It provides worthwhile travel booking experience to the travellers. This company helps organize railway and airline reservations. The airline reservation system is a part of the passenger service system.Reservations.com

Interestingly, the company has served about 2 million customers and has been approved by them. Several travel experts provide worthwhile opinion and also develop itineraries and detailed schedules of the tours. A variety of computer reservation techniques provide helpful online booking services.

24/7 booking facilities have made this company popular among the masses. There are call centres to solve the problems faced by people and provide necessary opinion.

To sum it up, the travel agency provides extra-ordinary experiences to all the travellers. The online market place provides valuable ticket booking services. The customer preferences are placed highly and efforts are made to satisfy their interests.


How IFCJ is maintaining an outstanding rating

Do you want to maintain good charity IFCJ ratings in watchdog sites like IFCJ? Then, you need to maintain transparency in the financial information and stay accountable for what you are doing. This IFCJ charitable organization is gaining a huge popularity in the charity world year by year. This organization is working towards the welfare of both the Christians and Jews. IFCJ ratingsThis is also giving enough support that is required for the Christians who are residing in Israel. The funds that are donated by the Christians across the globe are spending on the people below poverty and also on the people who are the victims of war and terrorism attacks.

Here is how IFCJ is maintaining outstanding IFCJ ratings in the watchdog sites

Stay transparent in their finances and operations: The watchdog sites would focus more on the openness and transparency of the charitable organization. They are open to give information about their operations and expenses that they are spending. They maintain high integrity and never conceal the financial details. Undeniably, donors are showing interest in donating funds to this organization as they are open about what they are doing with the donations contributed by them. IFCJ ratingsThis charity is never involved in the conflicts and adheres to the mission strictly. This charitable organization will have a section where they would give information about how they are spending the finances. This information provided to the public has made it trustworthy of all the other charitable organizations. This also boosts the confidence of the prospective donors to donate money happily.

Improve efficiency of fundraising: The watchdog sites will also consider the efforts that are put in by the charitable organization to get funds from the public. This IFCJ ratings organization would get funding from the Christians across the globe. They also run many fundraising shows to gather funds and help the needy.


Yael Eckstein has stepped into her father’s shoes influencing IFCJ reviews

A solution has come forward

To put an end to all sorts of worries on the part of those Jews and Christians who were once assisted by Yachiel Eckstein a view has been put forward. It was that the decision was taken solely by the captivating Rabbi.

IFCJ reviewsThis decision which is the consequence of his fore sighting also implies the fact that IFCJ reviews and ratings will never diminish. It will always continue to increase or even if it decreases, it will boost to its summit one day.

He planned that within 2 years of his retirement, his youngest daughter Yael who is a woman of many parts will take of the charge of IFCJ being the president to carry his dreams to fulfilment.

Rabbi Eckstein could foresee the progress of IFCJ

IFCJ reviewsPerhaps he was able to foresee that beside him she is the only person who can lead the charitable organization. She is the one who can enhance the ratings relating to IFCJ reviews. As she will be able to lead the organisation she will enhance the ratings with the passage of time.

In the words of his obedient and promising daughter (as she explained in an interview) it is evident that none of the beneficiaries have cause for the concern. She said that with any of the organisation designed on humanitarian grounds, no one is aware of the fact what future has in its store.

 She also added that the very last year when her father was still the driving power, they ended with a fall in charity donation. She also makes it clear that her father’s demise didn’t affect the fellowship’s ability to run out of donations.

Thus it is evident that only one person has the ability to step into Rabbi Eckstein’s shoes and she is his youngest daughter Yael. She is now responsible for the gradual progression of the IFCJ charitable organization and is able to influence Jewish and Christian people thereby boosting IFCJ reviews.


Why You Think of Online Hotel Booking

You might have heard what your ancestors did when they went on some trip. It was not so easy for them to plan a trip and find accommodation on the place of destination. The scenario was quite different compared to the present. The facilities we get today were not available in their time. We are privileged due to advance technology, but they didn’t have not too many ways to communicate. Reservations.comThe technology-based options have reduced our efforts and discomforts to a great extent. If you plan your trip ahead of time, your trip can never be unpleasant. From booking of airline ticket to making of hotel reservation, everything can be made online. You can sit on a couch and do everything on few clicks of computer mouse. You can even use app on your mobile phone for airline or hotel reservation.

Launch of online booking system

Rapid developments within the field of hospitality technology got special attention within the past decade, but more focus was placed on this technology in recent time. The invention of hotel reservation system added an advantage of convenient and fast online hotel booking. Reservations.comBooking.com was launched in 1996 followed by the launch of Reservations.com. Many more booking sites for travel-related online bookings were launched. This system of online booking gained popularity due to convenience of booking. These sites offered facility to make booking in odd hours or say round the clock when hotel’s office was not open.

Why you book online

Today, every reputed hotel has its website that provide description of facilities available in the hotel and illustration of these facilities through graphic or video representation. The hotel booking engine make allows you to book for more than one hotel at a time on a single site. This is the facility which is best among facilities available so far, even better than booking through a travel agent.


The Challenge in Book of the Month Club’s Buying & Makeover by John Lippmann

Since the time Amazon reshaped book selling, the legendary Book of the Month Club that made its existence in 1926, got a major setback and was in doldrums due to several changes in ownerships, until John Lippman, a young 43-year old entrepreneur and an executive at music-rights firm Evergreen Copyrights, bought majority stake in Bookspan, the entity having ownership of Book of the Month Club. Lippman acquired this with an idea to revive and grow the Club’s shrunk membership after entering into of Amazon in the book selling scenario. The online books got more popularity that shifted readers’ interest from manual reading.

Why Lippmann took challenge of buying a dying company

Why John Lippman was interested in a company that was dying why he bought parent company of the Book of the Month Club? He sold previous company’s rights to a division of Bertelsmann. An investor Jahm Najafi, the owner of business rights, made this offer to Lippmann, who was doing some other entrepreneurial and deal-oriented work.  He saw matching of timings. Amazon’s dominance was a challenge, and Lippmann loved to accept challenging projects. Lippmann observed the opportunity of remake of Book of the Month Club. Lippmann knew that accepting this challenge would be a profitable venture, and finalized deal with Najafi.

Why Lippmann focused on Book of the Month

Out of different clubs of Bookspan, John Lippman picked and focused on Book of the Month Club because it was different. He decided to shut it and shift its members to other Bookspan clubs before its makeover. This makeover was going to make a new look of the great legacy, and this was a great opportunity to match the brand withy other brands of new era. He needed to work on a mission that was really challenging. Lippmann wanted entirely different business model that was possible through relaunch. Lippmann took a risk, but this risk gave him success in a short span of two years.


Things to remember when you are buying OEM parts online

There are a lot of ways to purchase the OEM parts from Partzilla shipping and most of the customers these days prefer to place an order online for these items because of several factors but, even before placing an order through online channel there are certain things that you must check and the same has been written in the article here.

  1. Understand the vendor

Partzilla shippingThe first and the foremost thing that you must make sure to check when you are planning to purchase the OEM parts through online Partzilla shipping is to ensure that you have performed your bit of research as there are a lot of vendors who are into the sales of these equipment and as a customer, you must make sure that you are investing time to understand whether the vendor from whom you are buying the OEM parts is genuine or not.

  1. Compare the price

You must also make sure to compare the price of the products because every dealer would have their own pricings and this happens vastly when you are buying things online because the competition is extremely high and you may end up encountering some of the websites where the OEMs would be sold at a very lesser cost. You must suddenly not give in because these parts may certainly not be genuine at times. Hence, you must make sure to compare the prices on several websites before placing an order.

  1. Read the reviews

Partzilla shippingYou must also make sure to read the reviews of the other customers that are posted on the website because this would again give you clarity on the quality of the items and also the credibility of the vendor. When these things are done right, your purchase of OEM through online would be seamless.


Points to make charitable organization unique for donors

Do you know what makes International Fellowship of Christians and Jews unique? The only thing that comes to mind is serving the victims and needy without any expectations and with kind heart. These IFCJ ratings people have made a mark in the charity world by carrying out various humanitarian activities and are inspiring many other people to take part in this noble cause. These people would get financial assistance from the Christians and other people globally. They spend every penny wisely and let it reach the needy. They spend very little on fundraising and other overhead expenses. IFCJ ratingsThey publish the financial health of the organization on the site. However, you can also go through the IFCJ ratings and reviews left by the donors who worked with this organization before to learn its pros and cons. This would help you decide whether or not to donate money.

Here are a few points that make this charitable organization unique and go-to for many donors

Use cost-effective ways to raise funds: These IFCJ ratings people use smart yet cost-effective fundraising events to raise funds from the people. They also have a good reputation in the market. This reputation is the testimony of their professionalism and how they are serving the needy. IFCJ ratingsThey would put every penny that is spent on the annual report. They show how the money of donors is put to use clearly.

Accountable: They make sure that all the dollars that they have accumulated would go right into the programs. They keep overhead expenses very nominal and stay transparent. They make the financial information available on the site. They also have a bookkeeper to take care of the financial records

Make donors as key audience: When there is anything negative spread about the charitable organization, they make sure that the donors are informed beforehand to reduce panic. They try to keep all the things under control.