The importance of The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews abbreviated as IFCJ is primarily a humanitarian organization originated in the year 1983 by Yechiel Eckstein. Their goal is to promote mutual understandings between Jews and Christians by building support for the State of Israel.

The programs provided by the IFCJ include

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews help in making the immigration of Jews to Israel from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Europe and Arab lands and also helps them with their settlement in the country.


Guardians of Israel bestow the basic requirements to the Israelis in need by supporting many projects for example soup kitchens, providing food, clothing and medical support. The IFCJ also takes care of needs like housing, family care, and jobs.

Isaiah 58 provides food packages, meals on the go, medicine, housing facilities, fuel, clothing along with other primitive requirements to more than two hundred thousand poverty stricken elderly Soviet Jews, giving the Jewish orphans and unsafe street children in the former Soviet Union the protection needed to survive and prepare for a better fate.

Stand for Israel organizes mass meetings of churches, Christian leaders and others in order to advance Israel by praying for the nation and supporting the country’s right to survive this world in tranquility and security. The Fellowship has the goal of engaging people, both spiritually and politically in support of Israel and the Jews, by promoting them to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem”.IFCJ

All of these programs are given a positive response to the question “Is IFCJ a good charity?”

The IFCJ reviews all of these functioning of the various programs that has been mentioned above and harmonizes their operations as a single unit.

IFCJ ratings

Overall Score & IFCJ rating is given by the number 85.68, with their financial score being 79.75 and their Accountability & Transparency being a clean 100.00.


Reliable Sources Contribute In Progress

Growth of every country, depends upon the kind of planning and implementation carried on within the country by the concerned departments and the ministries. As it defines the present state and the future aspects, without any fake reports to be believed by anyone. IFCJ ratings have been a big source of relief, for the contributors of the development. IFCJ ratingsSince the role of the famous body has changed the conditions of the various communities, who have been facing the ignored attitude from the government or are being ill treated in anyways. You would be shocked to know the living conditions.

IFCJ reviews are increasing day by day, just because they have identified the areas of work and are able to bring the orphans- war widows- economically weak- handicap- old people and other groups to the basic standard of living. Though it was not the easy job to be done, still IFCJ has achieved the success to a major extent within very short time span. IFCJ ratingsYou can research and analyse the situations and the plans worked by the body, for the betterment of the society as a whole. Since there were uncountable people, who were in need of the support for a long time.

Is IFCJ a good charity? Sounds very true, as there was none who could have understand the condition of the suffering community and the groups in question. At that point of time, it is clearly evident that the constant efforts of the responsible organization were quite fruitful. IFCJ rating is one of the proofs, that is sufficient to provide you with the evidence of the tasks performed by the body. In addition to that, lots of political parties and social institutions are coming forward to change the condition of the people who have been suffering for years.


Global Reach of IFCJ Is Phenomenal To Say the Least

The international Fellowship of Christians and Jews is one of the most notable philanthropic organization which kickstarted in 1983 under the leadership of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. The sole purpose of the organization is to ifcjpromote a better understanding amongst the Jews and Christians and strengthen the relationship in between people of two diverse cultures. Through various propagandas, IFCJ raises fund to aid the poor and holocaust survivors and support the State of Israel in the time of their adversities.

Is IFCJ a good charity?

This organization promotes peace and provides humanitarian aids to poor and needy in Israel as well as all the Jewish communities all across the globe. They promote prayers as well as security on behalf of the Jewish states and works tirelessly towards fostering the relationship between Christians and Jewish communities.

After Yachiel’s untimely death, this organization is now being led by one of his daughter Yael Eckstein. According to IFCJ reviews, this organization raises over $140 million every year mainly from the Christians. Their support base has crossed two million figure marks. The offices of IFCJ are situated in Chicago, Jerusalem, Seoul, Sao Paulo and Toronto.

How IFCJ reach people globally

Besides providing help to millions of people in more than 25 countries, IFCJ has developed a very robust network of IFCJcommunication which includes educating people through the modes of radio programs, television broadcasts and web contents. These programs are being aired regularly and have spread to over 100 countries with high IFCJ ratings.

Yachael’s fellowship has been organizing advocacy sessions solely on behalf of Israel since 2002. Their programme involves organizing national conferences and influencing hundred of government officials and various decision makers all across the world. Their efforts have turned out to be fruitful with good IFCJ rating as many likeminded organizations and various churches have come together having recognized their efforts as a help hand.


IFCJ as an Organization – For the Betterment of the World

IFCJ was founded in the year 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. He established this organization with the aim of building strong bridges based on understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews. It also centers on offering all forms of support to the state of Israel.IFCJ

Established in the year 1983, consistent IFCJ ratings have shown the wonderful contributions it has made to the world of Christians, Jews and Holocaust survivors among many others. Today we focus on some of its programs which have brought lights into the lives of many.

  • Guardians of Israel

Poverty is one of the biggest menaces in the war torn country of Israel. Ever since it has found itself in the midst of wars, Israel has been reduced from it former state of glory. Thanks to the program of Guardians of Israel, IFCJ reviews reports that there has been a significant improvement in the country. The program provides the citizens with basic necessities such as shelter, medical treatments, food and other urgent needs.

  • Isaiah 58

Focused on the country of the Soviet Union, the program of Isaiah 58 provides help to the elderly Soviet Jews there. It has also extended a helping hand to the children, both orphaned and abandoned on the streets of the country. They provide them shelter, food and other basic needs as well as help them in their rehabilitation. This is perhaps the best program when it comes to questions like “is IFCJ a good charity”.ifcj

  • Stand for Israel

The bond between IFCJ rating and Israel runs deep. And this bond translates into a number of activities which center around this country. Hence, on this very note the program Stand for Israel was birthed. It strives to connect people’s good intention and thoughts into tangible actions which can ultimately benefit Israel.


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What Roberto Casula Has To Say About The Energy Wise Potential Of Africa?

Africa is like a second home for Roberto casula, as he has spent a big part of his career in Africa. Therefore, he likes the place immensely and it also has a big role in establishing the eni company in the international markets. The consumption of energy in Africa is quite less. Although 16% of the world’s population resides here, according to Roberto, only 5% of the world’s energy resources are consumed by people here. Most of the continents do not have access to a stable source of energy. Therefore, these people tend to burn different kinds of fuels such as biomass a well as wood to generate energy.roberto casula

Addressing problems

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Development of the place

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Paving way for industrialization

Roberto casula eni, says that the finding of the different energy sources, actually led to the industrial revolution in places like Europe. At present, the natural energy produced in the continent actually gets shipped elsewhere. Casula through his works wishes to address these imbalances.


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The University Of Oklahoma Ring Is the Miniature Representation of the Original Campus

The university of oklahoma ring represents all the traditional values the place imparts to its students during their stay in the institution. The University is more than a century old and stood firm in the face of time and in the process built a strong history for itself.

The university got first proposed in 1890, but it took around a year to complete the construction and open its gate for students. The place located in Norman is one of the most preferred places to study among the youth of the United States.

The alumni of the university can claim a stake for such popularity as the alumni of this place include notable leaders like the former president of the united states Sam Houston and many more.sam houston state university ring

The history of the campus:

The campus took a significant hit when almost the entire place was burned to ground in the early 1800s and needed serious reconstruction to make it habitable for students. The sam houston state university ring design blends the essence and tradition of the place entirely and put it on the finger of alumni of this esteemed institution. A former student who completed more than seventy hours of credit hours can order the ring online easily via the official website of the university.

 The design and material of the ring:

The rings are available in yellow gold, white gold or in two-tone gold with either black or gold finish. The use of gold in making the ring is symbolic; it represents the education quality the place imparts to its students. The uniqueness of wearing ou class ring tells whether a person is a former student or continuing his study in the place.sam houston state university ring

The name and graduation year also gets inscribed on the wings of the ring to add a personal touch to piece. The ceremony of giving out a ring generally happened at the end of homecoming week.


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